800°C Contemporary Steak: a new meat restaurant on the Patriarch's

The il FORNO Group opens 800°C Contemporary Steak – a big meat restaurant with a gourmet burger line in a two-story building overlooking the Patriarch's Ponds.

The team behind the new project approached the matter of meat preparation with all thoroughness. They started with sending the chef Sergei Balashov (Beeftro, Limoncino, Burger&Pizzetta) for a three-month internship under Thierry Paludetto at the Michelin restaurant Beefbar in Monaco. Then they brought state-of-the-art ovens from Western Europe and adopted technologies no other fine dining place in Russia as yet employs. The ovens operate at the constant temperature of 800 degrees Celsius (about 1500°F), providing the amount of heat that immediately seals in the meat juices. Marble beef purchased in Russia, Argentina, and Japan is dry-aged in a special chamber located in the restaurant hall. Proprietary mixes of salt and spices used in cooking lend 800°C steaks a distinct aroma and texture. Main sides include twelve kinds of house whipped potatoes with various add-ins: fresh truffle, black caviar, parmesan, gorgonzola, crispy bacon chips, and others. The restaurant's menu is comprised of dishes prepared using top-quality products and familiar to the eye while ready to bring fine palate sensations: fresh vegetable salads, various snacks, in-house baked bread and rolls, and gourmet burgers. The kitchen team carefully monitors the temperature of each burger ingredient during cooking, making sure that the patrons have the opportunity to appreciate the entire palette and interplay of flavors.

The restaurant’s interior design has been created by the MMZ Project architect Maria Zhukova (Craft Kitchen, Burger&Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar) in cooperation with the il FORNO Group co-owner Henry Karpin. The 19th-century building has been given a major facelift, with panoramic windows and stairs installed and the facade renovated. The chic & functional interior is dominated with natural stone and copper accents, mirrors, and the emerald color. A large wine cabinet reaches from the bottom of the stair to the ceiling; a piece of real jungle on the first floor is separated from the hall with only thin glass; and a party-size table upstairs is lit with a 1970s chandelier found at the famous Paris flea market Porte de Clignancourt. The dining space ambience is airy, bright, and relaxed.

Presentation 800С Contemporary Streak


Bol'shoy Patriarshy Pereulok 6, Bldg. 1

Tel.:+7 (499) 769 33 33


Working hours:

Mon - Sun.: 09:00 a.m. - 12:00 midnight